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Dear Patients:

Greetings from all of us at Wilmette Dental. With spring in the air, I'm sure your household is as busy as mine.

I can't believe I'm writing this, but daughter Elise is finishing up her last semester in high school. Anne and I couldn't be more proud...she graduates as an honor student and an Illinois State Scholar. She hasn't made a final college choice, but her current top two picks are University of Illinois (my Alma mater) and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Of course I'd like to see her wear the Illinois blue and orange, but after having toured Madison, I agree that it's a spectacular school -- with sailing opportunities right on campus!


Christopher too has had a busy school year, with music, music and more music -- plus a few water sports! A sophomore, Chris continues as part of the drum line, the marching band and the jazz band, with a rock band on the side. He was part of the junior/varsity swim team -- and finally broke a minute in the 100 meter, with a few seconds to spare! He's currently in water polo, and Anne is always ready with a bottle of powerful hair conditioner to continue the chlorine battle with Chris's head.

Wolfgang the schnauzer is fat and happy, and is constantly on duty in the kitchen to assist anyone who decides to make a sandwich (he loves cold cuts).

Don’t forget to visit our website WilmetteDental.com which gets updated regularly with timely articles and news.  And for those of you who enjoy reading social media outlets, Wilmette Dental now has a page on Facebook!  Stop by and “like” us.


Have a healthy and safe Spring.


Dr. Neuhaus


HPV-Related Oral Cancers On The Rise

While the rise in HPV-related cancers has dramatically increased, the good news is that those diagnosed have a better prognosis.  Many HPV-positive forms of oral cancer are highly responsive to treatment.  And, doctors are hopeful that the HPV vaccine will make a dent in curbing the HPV epidemic.

Cancers of the mouth and throat are on the rise due to the alarming increase of a highly common sexually transmitted viral infection called the human papillomavirus (HPV).  


Researchers estimate that HPV-related oral cancers now affect 26 out of every million people in the U.S, up from eight out of every million in 1988.  Previously, tobacco was the primary cause of oral cancer -- and most of those cancer cases were HPV-negative.  HPV-positive cases, which made up just 16% of oral cancer cases in the 1980s, comprised more than 70% in the 2000s.


Dr. Neuhaus is always careful to look for the signs of oral cancers, and a thorough screening is a key part of every Wilmette Dental exam.


A Brighter Smile for Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to think bright, from flowers and clothes … to smiles!  If your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like, Wilmette Dental can help with fast, easy and affordable options to whiten stained and dull-looking teeth.  


One of the most popular whitening methods among Wilmette Dental patients is Nighttime Home Whitening because it’s both convenient and comfortable.  Over a one- to two-week period, patients wear to bed soft, clear flexible custom molds filled with a gentle bleaching gel.  In the morning, the molds are removed, and teeth are brushed and flossed as usual.  Generally, a lighter shade can be seen after just several nights.

For other patients, Daytime Home Whitening works well.  Here, patients wear custom-fitted gel-filled molds for 30 minutes both in the morning and in the evening.  This method can take slightly longer overall than the Nighttime Whitening, but the final results are equally as successful.

And for those who need a whitening “kick start,” Wilmette Dental offers in office treatments accomplished in one or two hour-long visits, supplemented with at-home whitening trays.  This in office method of brightening teeth is done with a highly concentrated bleaching gel activated by an ultraviolet light.  Enamel shade is lightened even more with just a few days of either Nighttimeor Daytime whitening.


Among the safe and highly effective ADA approved products we use are Discus Dental's Night White, Day White and Ultradent's Opalscence whitening gels, in various concentrations.  These products are not available over-the-counter.


If you think your smile could use a little spring brightening, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you about your best options.


more whitening info


Chicago Meeting 2012- Continuing Education

In February, I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Dental Society’s147th Midwinter Meeting at McCormick Place.  This is one of the largest meetings of its kind, drawing dental professionals from all over the globe.  My staff and I attended a wide array of continuing education courses, and we’re delighted to bring home to Wilmette Dental some exciting new information that will help us provide our patients with the best possible dentistry.


A fascinating seminar explored the new generation of beautiful and ultra-strong ceramic restorations that provide natural-looking and long-lasting fillings.  And, new cements and fillers are being introduced that can actually protect and heal a traumatized tooth.


In the field of orthodontics, one particularly interesting development is the use of tiny temporary implants to help move teeth more quickly and efficiently.  This is especially useful for adults who are seeking corrective orthodontics, but don’t want to spend years in braces.


New methods have recently been introduced to help us better assess a young child’s cavity risk.  This is especially timely given the recent statistics on the alarming rise of toddlers with extensive tooth decay.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on training for the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system.  Now in use at Wilmette Dental, STA provides  virtually painless “Novocaine” without the facial numbness and droopiness.   Our patient response to  STA has been tremendously positive, and it’s a tool I’m very excited to be using.  


The Chicago Midwinter Meeting also gives me a chance to assist “behind the scenes.”  I volunteer on the Chicago Dental Society’s Course Committee which oversees the meeting’s many educational programs.

Dinosaur Discovery

The marvels of dentistry continue...scientists are now using dinosaur teeth to help answer a hotly debated question: Were dinosaurs cold- or warm-blooded?


By measuring the concentrations  of certain minerals in the fossil teeth of two of the largest dinosaur species, the Brachiosaurus andCamarasaurus (found in different locations in the US and Tanzania), scientists found that the body temperature of the animals was  much higher than that of other reptiles -- and was actually comparable to that of mammals.  


This new approach, which measures rare carbon and oxygen particles that clump and form minerals in the teeth called bioapatites, is able to determine body temperature within one or two degrees!  


Dr. Neuhaus takes care of human teeth, but he loves to learn fun facts about animal teeth.  Here are some of his favorites:


©An ant can carry 50 times its own weight over its head, using its jaws to lift!

©Crocodiles clean their teeth by allowing small birds, called plovers, to stand in their mouths and pick the scraps of food out of their jaws.  (Dr. Neuhaus thinks this is an interesting alternative to a toothbrush!)  And, a crocodile replaces its teeth over 40 times during its life!

©The sperm whale is the biggest toothed animal on the entire planet.

©A tiny mosquito actually has 47 teeth.

A single elephant tooth can weigh as much as 6 pounds.

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