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Dear Patients:

Elise-bags packed, off to college

Greetings from Wilmette Dental. I hope this newsletter finds all of my patients well and ready for cooler weather. I know Megan is certainly!


My biggest news is that daughter Elise is now officially a University of Wisconsin Badger. We moved her, along with many, many loads of her belongings, into a tiny, not air-conditioned dorm in August (college living is definitely for the young). She seems to be thriving in Madison, and thanks to Skype and FaceTime, Anne and I are doing well in a partially empty nest.

Chris Performs at GBS football game

Christopher, now a junior in high school, made snare in the school drum line. He's enjoying his status as an "upper classman," and while it seems way too soon, has already started thinking about his college direction. Of course, he needs to make it through physics first!


Anne certainly misses the activity that came with having two teenagers in the house (though she is happy about the huge reduction in laundry). And, of course, Wolfgang the schnauzer is delighted about the empty spot that has opened up on the family room couch.


At Wilmette Dental, it's been a summer of travel. Kathleen spent a wonderful girls' week of croissant eating and wine drinking in Paris. Lora and husband Alex took a memorable cruise through Scandinavia. And, Megan made her annual trek to Minnesota, where, unfortunately, the temperature was even hotter (if that's possible) than it was here.


Have a safe and wonderful season.


Dr. Neuhaus

Why You Shouldn’t Skip That Cleaning

One of the best insurance policies for keeping teeth and gums — and perhaps your entire body — healthy is to follow a regular schedule of professional dental cleanings.


Why? Poorly cleaned teeth can result in periodontal disease, a serious disintegration of the bone and attached gum. It's estimated that about 75% of adults over age 35 have this disease in varying stages. Ultimately, periodontal disease can cause tooth and gum loss (and forever adversely alter your smile), and has been linked to heart disease, pre-mature births, dementia and a host of other serious problems.


Researchers have found that people with severe periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those who have healthy teeth and gums.

The enemy is tartar, the rough deposits formed on teeth from a build-up of plaque, the colorless film that constantly forms on teeth and gums. Over time, the plaque hardens to form tartar, which contains pores that hold the bacteria and toxins that can eventually lead to periodontal disease.

Even the most thorough at home brushing won't eliminate all of the plaque. Only a professional cleaning of the tooth surface with proper dental instruments will remove all of the plaque. At Wilmette Dental, we rely on the ADA recommendation of a regular dental cleaning and exam every six months. Of course, certain medical conditions or lifestyle habits (smoking, poor nutrition) may call for more frequent cleanings.

Need A Holiday Smile Makeover???

If your smile could use a little freshening for the upcoming holiday season, give Wilmette Dental a call. Here's a quick look at the ways we can make your smile irresistible under the mistletoe!



  • Stained or yellowed teeth can be whitened in about an hour with in-office whitening. Or, a custom-made, convenient take home kit can do the same in just two weeks or less!
  • Chipped, misshapen, misaligned, discolored or fractured teeth can be corrected with beautiful and natural looking composite veneers or bonding.
  • Thinning tooth enamel can get a strengthening boost with MI Paste (prescription only). This remarkable paste helps replenish calcium and phosphate for healthy, great-looking teeth.
  • Bad breath (a big no-no at holiday parties) can be remedied with various prescription mouth rinses.

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Dentistry Gives Clues To “Black Death”

Dentistry Gives Clues To "Black Death"Just in time for flu season comes news that the genome of the Black Death, the plague that wiped out nearly half of Europe in the 1300s, has for the first time been reconstructed from the actual skeletal remains of those who died of it centuries ago. And, it was done through dentistry!


Researchers examined skeletons from a London cemetery, where approximately 2,500 Black Death victims were buried in mass graves. They looked at the inner pulp chamber of the teeth of those buried. That's where there remains, even after hundreds of years, a dark black powdery material composed of dried blood and nerves – a gold mine for DNA excavators.


They found out that the medieval plague is not so genetically different from a modern descendant, a disease that exists today in certain parts of the world. They are both caused by variations of the bacteria strain Yersinia pestis, though the exact kind discovered in the medieval remains is thought to no longer exist.


The Black Death likely came from China and spread to continental Europe. Most of the victims were poor, since many wealthy people fled to country homes and shielded themselves from the disease.

Emergency Dental Care For Young Athletes

As another school year kicks off — and another year of school sports comes the news that an estimated 5 million teeth will be lost this year among youngsters participating in sports activities. Basketball and baseball rank as the top two biggest mouth-injuring sports activities, and can result in broken, displaced or knocked out teeth – even broken jaws.


Wearing a sports mouth guard is the best prevention against sports-related tooth and jaw injuries as well as concussions.

For parents on the sidelines who may have to act quickly if an accident occurs, Dr. Neuhaus offers some emergency tips.


If a child suffers a broken or cracked tooth, see Dr. Neuhaus within 24 hours. He can repair the tooth and hopefully, prevent permanent damage.


But, if the tooth actually comes out, it's a race against the clock. A knocked out tooth can actually be re-rooted, but only if it is back in the mouth within 30 minutes. The tooth should be handled as little as possible, and placed in a cup of milk (yes milk, which has properties that help protect the root), saline or water. Then, head to either Dr. Neuhaus or to the emergency room.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria — and bacteria LOVES to eat sugar!  Candy and cookies have one kind of sugar, and foods such as fruit, bread and pasta have other kinds of sugar.  Bacteria eat almost all kinds, and especially like those that stick to teeth.  





Hot fudge sundaes (really)


White bread


Cream-filled sponge cake


Jelly beans

Plain doughnuts



Granola bars

Oatmeal cookies

Potato chips


When lots of bacteria build up on teeth, that’s known as PLAQUE, and it eats right through tooth enamel.  And if plaque keeps eating, it means only one thing — A CAVITY!  

(From “Open Wide” by Laurie Keller))

Did you know...

  • unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it
  • your mouth produces 1 liter of saliva a day

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Nearly 27% of all U.S. deaths are a result of heart disease.   In 2010, the total costs of cardiovascular diseases in the United States were estimated to be $444 billion. Treatment of these diseases accounts for about $1 of every $6 spent on health care in this country.

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