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National Oral Health Campaign Coming!

From the Illinois State Dental Society:


In mid-2012, the American Dental Association will launch a national campaign called “Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives.”  The campaign speaks to the ADA’s strategic goal of being the trusted resource for oral health information that will help people be good stewards of their own oral health.  The purpose of the ad campaign as described to the Ad Council is to improve children’s oral health so they can develop into healthy, productive adults.

The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives campaign will seek to provide education and raise awareness of parents and caregivers to their children’s oral health.  Last year, the ADA joined up with 25 other dental organizations, and together they petitioned the Ad Council for a national oral health campaign.  The three-year campaign consists of public service ads targeting parents and caregivers and highlights the association between children’s oral health and disease prevention.

Dear Patients...

Wolfgang Neuhaus

Greetings from Wilmette Dental.  I hope you’re enjoying these final days of warm, sunny weather before another Chicago-style winter begins.  

My family and I are currently doing the college hunt with our daughter, Elise, a senior in high school.  We’re trying very hard to keep her close to home, and we’re fortunate that the Midwest has so many outstanding schools.   Our little girl (who is about to turn 18) spent the summer lifeguarding at a local pool, and playing lacrosse.  She also traveled to Kentucky where she spent a memorable week building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

Christopher, a sophomore, is heavily into music.  He plays the bass drum in the high school drumline, and practices constantly – on the car dashboard, the kitchen counter, etc.  In addition to band at school, Chris is the drummer in a rock band called Mungo, (which roughly means finding treasure in garbage).  The band has played a number of “gigs,” including C.J. Arthur’s, Grand Pa’s in Glenview, and a few private parties.  I know I’m a proud father, but they’re really very good!
At home, Anne helped her loyal sidekick Wolfgang the schnauzer celebrate his 10th birthday with a large can of tuna fish (his favorite).

Wilmette Dental recently underwent a small facelift, including fresh paint and new artwork (thanks to artist Elise Neuhaus).  I hope our patients approve of the updated look – we want the entire “Wilmette Dental Experience,” to be as pleasant as possible.  


Stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Neuhaus  


Wilmette Dental Now Offers Single Tooth Anesthesia

wilmette dental comfortable single tooth anesthesia Wilmette Dental offers Painless Anesthesia Breakthrough

No one enjoys the numbed, droopiness associated with dental anesthesia.  
For Wilmette Dental patients, that may be a thing of the past, thanks to the new Single Tooth Anesthesia System® (STA).  The system, which Dr. Neuhaus put into use this fall,  is a computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery system that provides an exact amount of anesthesia to an equally exact area in a painless manner.  

Traditional syringe techniques utilized in routine injections are hampered by the blind nature of the injection — the area being treated is numbed, but typically, so is the surrounding area.  

STA enables Dr. Neuhaus to use a much smaller amount of anesthetic, and to inject it in a much more precise and painless way.  Only the area being treated is numbed, the anesthesia takes effect immediately, and wears off more quickly than conventional anesthesia.  And, the system is able to deliver anesthesia to hard-to-reach areas that can be problematic with traditional syringe injections.
A STA injection takes only a few moments.  For the patient, there is little to no discomfort.  And, the STA is far gentler on oral tissue.  As a result, patients typically do not experience the residual tissue pain that can occur following standard injections.  

Dr. Neuhaus uses the STA primarily on lower teeth, which, because of less bone density, are more difficult to anesthetize than upper teeth.  


Bone-Creating Protein Could Improve Dental Implant Success

Use of a bone-creating protein could improve dental implant success, according to a new research study.

Getting dental implants to “take” can be a problem for people who have thinning bone – which is often the cause of tooth loss in the first place.  

The current solution for patients who may not have an adequate quantity of bone at the planned implant site, is to use bone grafts to stabilize the implant.  But because it involves an additional surgery, bone grafting is not an ideal solution. 
However, in recent animal studies, placing  Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) in the implant site resulted in more new bone formation than by using conventional bone grafting at the same site.  

BMP is now readily available and should make the implant procedure easier and more predictable for certain patients. Dental professionals believe BMP could be “the new gold standard” for dental implant treatment.


Want Healthy Lungs? Have Healthy Gums!

A healthy mouth may mean an equally healthy respiratory system, according to the Journal of Periodontology.  A new study hints that periodontal (gum) disease may increase the risk of respiratory infections such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pneumonia.  These infections – among the leading causes of death in the U.S. -- are caused by bacteria from the upper throat being inhaled into the lower respiratory tract.  

More work needs to be done before a definitive link between gum and respiratory disease can be established.  However, this may be yet another compelling connection between oral health and good overall health.


Brush Your Tongue...

About 27 million people in the United States have bad breath. Much of it is caused by bacteria that flourish on the tongue. So if you want to sweeten your breath, clean your tongue!

Tongue cleansing should be a routine procedure. To clean your tongue, scrape it two to three times a day—this only takes a few seconds and may produce distinct results. You can brush your tongue with yourtoothbrush, which is said to reduce bad breath by 25%. Brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue may reduce bad breath by 75% to 80%.


You can do this with your toothbrush or you can purchase an inexpensivetongue scraper at your local pharmacy Not only does a cleaner tongue make your breath smell better, it also improves taste acuity.

Total oral hygiene includes regular professional cleaning, brushing and flossing your teeth, and cleaning your tongue.


Go Ahead… Have Seconds on the Cranberries!

Cranberries, that tasty red accompaniment to turkey, may be one of the healthiest things on the buffet table this holiday season.   

According to the Cranberry Institute, cranberries are packed with antioxidants, a free radical fighter that helps control cell damage, which may lead to heart disease and cancer.  And diets high in antioxidants, say USDA researchers, may provide protection against the chronic symptoms of aging, such as loss of coordination and memory.  

Research also suggests that cranberries may offer a natural defense against low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad cholesterol.”  And, cranberry juice has been shown to inhibit the adhesion of the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is believed to be one of the causes of peptic ulcers – a condition that 25-million Americans will suffer at some point in their life.  H. pylori bacteria has also been linked to stomach cancer, acid reflux disease and gastritis.  

So while you’re indulging in holiday favorites, feel free to “double indulge” on the cranberries.


Here are some of Dr. Neuhaus’ favorite dental jokes:

  • What game did Dr. Neuhaus  play when he was a child?     Caps and robbers!
  • What does the “Dentist of the Year” receive? A little plaque!
  • What does a dentist do on a roller coaster? He “braces” himself!
  • What did the dentist see at the North Pole?  A “molar” bear!
  • What did the dentist say to the golfer?  You have a hole in one!
  • What do you call a dentist in the army?    A drill sergeant!
  • Dentists don't like a hard day at the orifice.
  • What’s a dentist's favorite store?The Gap.
  • When do you visit the dentist?     Tooth-hurty!
  • And Please Remember…Be kind to your dentist cuz’ he has fillings too!

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