Before Whiteneing

Wherever you look, teeth are white, white, white...


Now you can brighten your smile with our powerful whitening treatments that lighten discolorations caused by coffee, cigarettes, medication, or aging. You'll notice the difference immediately...and so will everyone else.

wilmette dental whitening with night white After Whitening

Whitening (bleaching) of the teeth is a relatively easy, quick and inexpensive way of brightening teeth. You can be custom fitted for a tray containing whitening gel quickly and easily in your initial visit, then continue treatments in your home until your teeth are as bright as you want.


Whitening, when done with solutions formulated specifically for the individual's needs, and when closely monitored by a dentist, is safe and can be highly effective in lightening teeth as much as 8 shades. 


Night-time Home Bleaching...

is the most popular method because it is convenient and comfortable for the patient. Over about a week-long period, the patient wears to bed soft, clear, flexible plastic molds that are custom made to perfectly fit over his/her teeth. 


Each night before inserting the molds, the patient fills them with a gentle bleaching gel. In the morning, the molds are removed, and teeth are brushed and flossed as usual. The custom-made molds (unlike the store-bought, ready-made kind) ensure that teeth are bleached evenly and prevent ingestion of the bleaching gel (the gel isn't toxic, but just like toothpaste, eating it is not a good idea). 


Daytime Home Bleaching...

Patients wear similar custom-fitted gel-filled molds for 30-60 minutes per day. This is done over a slightly longer period than the nighttime method. 


"Power Bleaching"...

is done in the dental office, usually in only one visit. This method of bleaching is done with a highly concentrated bleaching material, which is activated by ultraviolet light, and generally takes about an hour in the chair. 


Wilmette Dental has been performing bleaching for our patients for well over 18 years. We monitor our patients closely while they are bleaching. The process is very successful and safe. Sometimes bleaching is even combined with bonding and veneers to further beautify the smile. We use only professional ADA-approved products such as Opalescence, Nite White, Day White and ZOOM.


Being perceived as healthier and more attractive may be as simple as flashing a healthy white smile! Please ask our office for more information. Instructions for Home Tooth Bleaching


Instructions for home whitening.

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