Partial and Full Dentures

With so many advances in modern dentistry, fewer people need to wear dentures. However, if you need dentures, denture technology has never been better.


As people age, ill-fitting dentures can cause patients to look older than they really are and can cause pain when chewing. We can replace worn out dentures with custom made, state-of-the-art dentures that blend with your skin, hair and even eye color. Your dentures will look and feel as natural as possible.Before going to the plastic surgeon, get a "face lift" with comfortable, attractive dentures.


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Approximately 40% of older Americans wear full or partial dentures. Most have adapted quite nicely.


A denture, partial or "plate" is a removable appliance that is custom made for the patient to replace missing teeth. Wilmette Dental will create natural, comfortable, attractive dentures that will make you look and feel young and youthful!


A partial denture replaces some teeth where the patient has some remaining permanent teeth. A complete or full denture replaces all teeth


An immediate denture, whether complete or partial, involves placing the appliance the same day the teeth are removed.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the best way to get used to my new dentures?

As with any new appliance, dentures may feel quite odd. They may cause increased saliva flow or they may alter speech. One should start by cutting food into small pieces, avoid hot foods, and avoid hard foods until the tissue, where the denture rests, becomes used to the new teeth. As time goes by, one will become accustomed to them.


Do I brush them like real teeth?

No, dentures should be cleaned, if possible, after each meal. The best way is to remove them and rinse them. If one is able to, brushing the dentures is advised, as well as rinsing the mouth to clean it of any debris. If some natural teeth do remain, brushing them is suggested.


Always soak dentures at night after brushing them. Over the counter cleaning agents are available. Keeping the dentures soaked prolongs them from warping. It is also much healthier to keep the teeth out overnight to avoid excessive pressure on the soft tissue and bone. Always remember to brush your tongue and lightly brush the gums with a soft toothbrush. Special denture brushes should be used on the dentures.


When is it time for a new denture?

As the years pass, the tissue and bone may shrink slightly. The dentures will then loosen. Also, as one loses or gains weight, one may notice that the denture may loosen. Dentures, if Dr. Neuhaus advises, can be relined to help tighten them. However, if their bases are too far gone, a new one may need to be fabricated.


As always, even a full denture wearer should visit the dentist on a regular basis to get an evaluation of the palate, tongue, and surrounding tissue for any problems. Sore spots should not be ignored. See Dr. Neuhaus if adjustments are needed.


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