Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are restorations that cover, or "cap", a tooth to restore it to its natural shape, size, strength and beauty.


A crown can replace a large filling when there isn't enough tooth structure remaining. It is used to protect weak teeth from fracturing and to cover badly shaped, cracked, broken or severely discolored teeth.

The chewing of the tooth can be improved because it can be reshaped to match more efficiently with the opposing teeth. A crown can improve cosmetics by the use of modern ceramic processes that produce translucency and color that is more natural than has ever been possible.

The crown can also be part of the attachment of a fixed bridge for the permanent replacement of teeth.

There are two types of bridges: fixed and removable...

A fixed bridge is a permanent restoration, which replaces the space where one or more teeth have been lost. A fixed bridge helps maintain the natural shape of your face and may help support your lips and cheeks. The loss of a back tooth may cause your mouth to sink and your face to look older. Missing teeth can also affect the way you chew and speak.


In addition, over time, a missing tooth that is not replaced will cause the teeth next to the space to shift around and drift, causing future periodontal (gum) and bite problems and a possible loss of additional teeth


Crowns and bridges usually are fabricated from porcelain and last indefinitely with proper care. In preparation for a crowns or a bridge, the tooth is shaped, old filling material and brittle areas of the tooth are removed. An impression is then taken of the prepared tooth, and from that, the crown or bridge is created by a dental technician. In a second office visit, the crown or bridge is precisely fitted and permanently cemented.

What to Expect After Your Crown and Bridge Appointments.

About Removable Bridges (Partials)


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