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Wilmette Dental offers services in all areas of oral care... from cosmetic bonding and bleaching to bridgework and tooth replacement through implants.


As scientific advances in dental materials, instruments, and techniques continually improve the health, safety, and quality of our community's dental health care, it is the goal of Wilmette Dental to remain at the forefront of this progress.

Preventative Dentistry and Emergency Care

We believe that regular preventative dental care is a sound investment for all ages, from young children to seniors.


Children's Dentistry

Your child's first set of teeth - the "Baby" or primary teeth - are very important. That is why we encourage examination and cleaning of a youngster's teeth early.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth are the focal point of an attractive face. Today there are many techniques for enhancing a smile.


This simple, effective and affordable procedure is used to lighten yellowing or stained teeth. Teeth can be whitened by professionally supervised at-home treatments or through an accelerated process in Dr. Neuhaus' office.


Chipped, stained, or worn teeth are repaired by the application of a very natural-looking and strong bonding material directly onto each tooth's surface. This low-expense procedure allows D Neuhaus to restore or enhance your smile in a single visit.


A thin layer of beautifully translucent porcelain can be applied to the front surface of a tooth to dramatically improve its position, size, color, and shape. Expertly created in a dental laboratory, these restorations can provide you with a permanent aesthetic solution in just two office visits.


Dental implants, used to replace missing teeth, are fixtures that are inserted into the jaw bone to serve as the base for an artificial tooth. A natural-looking crown is connected to the top of the implant providing permanent, non-removable tooth replacement.


Crowns and Bridges

These restorations, generally made of porcelain, are used to correct severely decayed, fractured teeth and can replace missing teeth. Crown and bridges today are highly esthetic, strong and are non-removable.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Often used to replace silver fillings, these restorations are made from composite resin material or porcelain.. Once placed, they are virtually undetectable in the mouth, and conserve much of your natural tooth structure.


Root Canal Therapy

With today's modern techniques and technology. it is quick, easy and comfortable.


Periodontal (Gum) Therapy

New non-invasive techniques and medications can successfully treat gum disease in our office.


Dentures (Partial and Full)

Modern materials will make your dentures look and feel natural.


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