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The success of your treatment is of the utmost importance to all of us. Therefore, it is vital that you are aware of the care and maintenance that is required for your temporaries to remain functional and in good condition while you wear them.


Your temporaries are a short-term protective restoration fabricated from an acrylic material. We ask that you take special precautions while you wear them. Temporaries are cemented with a temporary cement which is intentionally a weaker cement.


Avoid these foods while wearing temporaries :


  • Hard chewy breads such as bagels or French bread.
  • Chew candies such as taffy, caramels or gum.
  • Hard crunchy foods such as corn nuts or popcorn kernels.
  • Do not bite into foods such as corn on the cob or apples.

Lost Temporary

Occasionally, even with careful wearing, temporaries will become loose. This is normally not an emergency. The tooth will not become infected or decayed if the temporary is missing for a short period of time. However, the underlying tooth may feel sensitive to food and drink.


  1. If needed, Aspirin, Tylenol or Advil are good pain relievers and should be tried first, provided you can use them. Make sure to follow proper dosing instructions. They only work by swallowing them. Do not place aspirin/Advil/Tylenol on the tooth or gum. They will burn the lining of your mouth.
  2. Keep the tooth clean by rinsing the mouth with warm water and gently brushing the area.
  3. Call Dr. Neuhaus.

If your temporary dislodges and you are unable to seek immediate dental care...


  1. You can put a small amount of Vaseline in the temporary and reseat it on the tooth. This will hold it in place until you can get in and see us or...
  2. You may purchase an over-the-counter temporary cement material (available at local drug stores) which will allow you to replace the temporary yourself. This will reduce discomfort and keep food away from the teeth. Follow the package's instructions.


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