Instructions Following Root Canal Therapy

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  1. The treated tooth is commonly VERY tender to touch, biting, tapping or chewing for a few days after treatment. DO NOT CHEW ON THAT SIDE.
  2. Discomfort usually subsides in a couple of days, but may last as long as a few weeks. Improvement will be gradual.
  3. The treated tooth, the injection sites, as well as the soft tissues around the tooth, will feel sore and tender.
  4. If your tooth throbs, keep your head elevated, even when lying down. Refrain from any strenuous activity.
  5. We usually recommend a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, or aspirin for at least three to five days following treatment. If you cannot take any anti-inflammatory medication, then take extra-strength Tylenol. If any of the recommended painkillers are not effective relieving the pain, you should call the office.
  6. Take all prescribed medication as directed.
  7. Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water (one teaspoon salt to 8 oz. of warm water), three to four times a day may also be helpful in relieving discomfort.
  8. If you initially feel better, but then get significantly worse two or three days after treatment, you may be experiencing what is known as a "flare-up." This is not a common occurrence, but if it happens, please contact our office.
  9. There is usually no necessary "waiting period" before the crown of the tooth can be restored. Unless otherwise indicated, have the tooth restored as soon as possible after the Root Canal has been completed. Do not wait more than two to four weeks, as the tooth becomes brittle and is vulnerable to fracture.


About Root Canal Therapy

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