After In-Office Whitening

In-Office Whitening, sometimes called "Power Bleaching" uses a light source to activate a strong bleaching material on the tooth. After the procedure you will have noticeably lighter teeth.


Immediately after the procedure you may notice two things. Your teeth may be sensitive and you may have white areas on your gums or sometimes the lips.


Sensitivity: This will pass within the first day. Be careful to avoid extremes with hot and cold liquids. They will make your teeth uncomfortable. Most of our patients will take Tylenol or Advil on the first day if they experience too much sensitivity.


White Spots: The chemical that is used to "bleach" out the teeth is a very powerful agent. Any time it touches any soft tissue it may cause a temporary chemical bleaching of the tissue. This area may feel rough for a day. It is rare to have any discomfort. The white color of the tissues usually lasts no longer than two days.


Keep Your Teeth White: The best way to keep your teeth white is to avoid foods and drinks that have a heavy color to them for the two weeks following your power bleaching. Some of the common ones are red wine, dark carbonated drinks, coffee, and tea. Smoking will yellow your teeth as well.


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