After A Filling

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When anesthetic has been used, your lips, teeth, and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. Avoid any chewing until the numbness has completely worn off so that you don't accidentally bite them.


You may chew right away on white fillings, since they set completely on the day of your appointment.


It's normal to experience some hot, cold, pressure and chewing sensitivity for 1-2 weeks following your appointment. Your gums may be sore for several days.


Larger Fillings

The concern with larger fillings and using tooth-colored/non metallic materials is that some teeth may not be able to handle a large filling.


In situations where your newly filled tooth was filled to replace a large old restoration, or due to deep decay, the sensitivity may, in some cases, persist. Persistent symptoms following the appointment when the larger filling is placed, will let us know if the tooth may need a stronger restoration. Internal stress fractures within the tooth, or a traumatized nerve, may necessitate root canal therapy and/or restoration of the tooth with a crown.


If you do experience discomfort for any more than 4 weeks please let us know. Dr. Neuhaus will need to see you to evaluate the health of the tooth.


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